Monday, January 04, 2010


Okay, we are loving this new year. Really, we are. People should not be having this much enjoyment in their life like we are. We are having fun, major fun so with the new year, here are my resolutions...

1. Finish the 8K that we signed up for with our friends. We're going to do the 8K Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago so we would like to train and complete it.
2. Continue to have as much fun as we are having now! Enjoy life!
3. Save at least $8K for home repairs.
4. Hit Yosemite this Spring and not get eaten by a bear.
5. Hit goal weight, which is 155.

The new lifestyle is working out. I'm down 9lbs. It's rocking and I'm looking great as you can see :) Yup, it feels good to have a structured plan again. This is what I have been missing for a long time. Chris just found out that he is getting transfer to the office that is 10 minutes from our house and it's a promotion so life is AMAZING right now!

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anji said...

You're lookin' hawwwwt! *laughs* (Kids in the hall reference... chicken lady)

Keep up the good work and keep enjoying life my friend!