Tuesday, November 03, 2009

How to be healthier when socializing???

So all of a sudden we are totally busy. We have been extremely social lately so the nutrition needs to really get firmed up. We are eating out a bit much and our old rule of eating out once per week has fallen by the wayside. So how do you create a balance? Any ideas especially when you are meeting new people? We need to work on this :)
With meeting new people I got hooked up with a new weightloss buddy too. It's kind of nice to have someone at the meeting you know that will be there so there's no excuse to skip. On another weightloss front, I joined a strength training class at the YMCA. I'll let you all know how it goes. The only downfall is that it starts at 5:00 am. Eek!

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anji said...

Have a games night or a social night at your house (or, at others, take turns) and get people to bring one dish... maybe a 'theme' night or something... and, if they know you're trying to lose weight then ask if they can try to keep it low fat. If not, well... whatever dish YOU make, eat that mostly and then just sample from the other ones without being rude.

Or - plan social outings without food as the mainstay. Example, geocaching... you're active and then maybe afterwards, invite them to your place and prepare a low-fat meal... you have the control, you get to play hostess and it'd probably STILL cost you less than two of you eating out.