Monday, October 13, 2008


Today wasn't the best day. I learned that my boss (who is absolutely the best boss in the whole entire world) husband passed away on Saturday from Crohn's Disease. He was only 49. They have a child who is 7. I really feel for her and her family right now. So send some positive thoughts her way.

Things like this make me think about losing Chris. I don't know what life would look like without Chris nor do I want to think about it. Things like this really make you appreciate significant others. I absolutely love my husband with all my heart. It's the healthiest relationship that I have ever been it. It's a balanced, whole hearted life. It's funny but I have never felt this way with anyone. I guess that's why I married him. I love our life, our relationship, our home, and our cats. It makes me think about how fortunate I am in life to have such a blessed life. This Thursday is our anniversary...4 years really go by quick!

I started thinking last week that I needed to work on living in the moment more. There are times that I am so future orientated or past, that I'm not grounded in the present. While it is great to have these wonderful future goals, it's also important to be grounded in the present so life is not passing you by. I definitely need to work on that. Just looking at life on a daily basis, not the weekly where you are just so focused on making to the weekend.

The workout program is still amazing. Chris and I hit the Y 4 times last week. 45 minutes of cardio with one strength training. They want us to bump it up now to 45 minutes 4x a week and 3 x a week of strength...argh, that's a lot but we love it. I didn't see a loss today but my clothes are fitting better. I'll take that.

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